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"You and me, til eternity.."

I caught myself staring at you, your beautiful eyes, nose, and your amazing smile;

I can’t explain the sudden emotion that I felt when I looked into your eyes;

This is not the kind of feeling that I want;

It’s quite different from what I expected;

This is not even a positive hunch;

*breathes heavily*


I was so scared when I felt like I didn’t know him anymore. It happened one afternoon, on the 14th of April, 2016. We were watching afternoon teleseryes that time, cuddling and just having fun. Suddenly, I felt this unusual feeling while staring at him that made me burst into tears. Of course, Mab was so surprised and quite terrified when I told him that it seemed like my feelings for him have reset.

I know for sure that I’m inlove, completely, crazily, madly, head over heels inlove. 

That’s why it was much more confusing. We’ve been together for 6 years already. There’s no way I’d fall out of love that easily. Besides, we never had a major fight in our relationship. No cheating sht, lies, third party issues, etc.

I went to our room and checked my iPad. I began to scroll and reminisce photos of us – from our highschool memories up to the present. It felt so unreal. I kept zooming in his face in every photo. I started to cry my balls out. I did not understand what my heart’s trying to say. I can’t believe I felt that way. It was hard to comprehend, and it was even hard to explain everything to Mab. He kept telling me, ‘Babe, you’re crazy! Psycho! Stop it, you’re scaring me’. I just wanted to tell him that, ‘yeah, me too’ bc everything totally scared the hell out of me.

Everything went back to normal when he started telling me reasons why he loved me, our plans and goals. I have no idea when will this sht return, but I know for sure, when a love’s greatly founded, nothing could go wrong.



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