Hello, guys! Today, I will share with you my top ten makeup essentials! 💃🏼

Disclaimer tho, I am not a professional, I just love beautifying thy self. Haha! 🤗

I will be sharing with you guys the essential things to do, I believe, in putting makeup. The photos are not mine, I just googled them. Ya know, just for the sake of visualization. 🙂 Also, even if I chose a certain photo for a specific product, that doesn’t mean that I endorse or use such. It’s just that I had a hard time looking for the products that I really use. But no worries, I’ll still indicate the products that I use in my everyday amazing life. Jk ✨

Let’s get into it! 🙌🏼💕

1. Foundation


Of course, even if you’re just watching makeup tutorials in YouTube or Instagram, for sure you already know how super important it is to apply foundation. I’ll no longer elaborate its use and essence bc you guys are awesome and fosho, you’re aware. Hahaha!

My personal take // Even if I included this in my 10 must-haves, I really don’t like putting foundation, especially liquid ones, because I have an oily face. These really don’t help me achieve a matte finish look, so I tend to skip this step. But! Currently I own two. Actually I did not buy these, these were given to me as gifts for graduation. For my foundation, sometimes I use San San CC Cream with SPF 30 & Vitamins A, C and E and Everbilena Advance Concealer. But don’t take my word for it, that’s only my own issue so just keep doin’ what yer doing, guys. Rock that fonda! 😂

2. Beauty Blender


Yes, the oh so ugh-mazing ball of greatness. I believe everyone, I said everyone, should own one! It’s a girl’s bestfriend, I tell you. Just make sure to clean it after and most importantly, make sure you soak it in water first before you use it! Hahaha common mistake, right? I have one right now, and it’s color green! Well, I don’t have a choice. The store didn’t have any stocks left so I gotta take what’s avail. Also, I’m a sucker for buying things at a low cost so I really take advantage of products that are on sale. Yep, so blend away guys!

3. Mascara


So self-explanatory. Hahaha I’ll no longer dig deep, guys. I think everyone owns one. Of course, who wouldn’t wanna emphasize their tantalizing eyes, right? Right now I use a product from Avon. I can no longer provide its full name because its label’s already gone. Hahaha dilemma of having sweaty hands. Ew. But it’s amazing. It doesn’t have micro hair thingy, it’s not so fancy but it really does a great job in emphasizing my eyelashes.

4. Matte lippie

Again guys, photo’s not mine. But, this is really my favorite lippie! It’s Mac Kelly Yum Yum matte lipstick. I absolutely love this! I always use this when I go to work, mall, everywhere. It really brings more life to my face since I really don’t put heavy makeup every time. Here’s some of my photos using this baby!

Please excuse ze face. Hahaha I just got home from work, hence, ze eyebags. Haha! Going back, I got this lippie actually from my boyfriend. It’s one of his gifts for Valentine’s Day. That’s why I love celebrations. Plenty plenty plenty of surprises. 💕

Hey, I almost forgot. I also own another one from Mac. It’s gold and it’s a nude lippie. I tend to forget it because I don’t usually use it. I look like a zombie whenever I put it on. It doesn’t fit me. But it’s gorg. I just prefer my Kelly Yum Yum. 😘

5. Eye & Brow Cake Liner Kit // Brow Shadow // Pencil // Gel

Yes, anything to step up your brow game! In this day and age, we should always have that eyebrows on fleek. Currently, I use Colour Intense Eye and Brow Cake Liner. I think it’s from Avon. Well, fyi guys I don’t like Avon products, it’s just that my cousin has this business where you can order stuff and you can pay it for 3 months so I chose this. They don’t have Benefit or Mac there, okay? I told you guys, cheap and affordable thangs. 😁

Also my boyfie bought me one. I tend to hoard things so I won’t lose a product. He also gave me for Valentine’s a Mac Brow Sha Derfard Poudre Pour Les Sourcils. Good thing, this is a written blog because, my gosh. Can’t deal. How do you even read that. Hahaha! I haven’t tried it yet but it has 2 gel/fine silky powder palettes and a cute angle brush with a spoolie. I also use Revlon gel thingy pencil and any brown pencils you can buy at the drugstore. As I’ve said, anything to step up your brow game.

Sharing with you guys ze masterpiece of one of my makeup artists, Enrico. Eyebrows on fleek, yes? 💃🏼💁🏼

6. Pressed Powder

It’s essential to set your face with a powder to achieve a long lasting makeup. It’s really tricky to find the best and perfect powder since the world out there offers millions and zillions of products and brands to choose from. To be honest, I haven’t found my one true powder. Hahaha. OTP. I tend to change my mind easily since I have an oily skin. So right now, atleast I kind of stick to Benefit’s 2 Way Cake Powder. It’s again one of my boyfie’s gifts for me. Now you guys realize why I so love him, right? Haha! Nah, just kidding. It’s more than that. Cheret. 😉😘😁

7. Highlighter


This is one of the major trends in 2015. After contouring and putting a blush on, you gotta highlight them cheeks just right above the blush on. Right now, I don’t own one but I will be buying soon a highlighter from Benefit. Reason why I still haven’t bought yet is because it’s too pricy and currently I priorize buying lots of cardigan from H&M bc they’re on super sale. Haha! I don’t know about you guys, but H&M in Robinsons Place at Ermita is legit my 2nd home. Gotta love H&M, HUHU. 😭

Sorry if it’s not even related to this post, but yes, highlight away gorgs!

8. Under Eye Concealer


Ever felt like you’ve won the Guinness Book of World Records for having the heaviest eyebags? Say no more because ME TOO. 😭

I super cri. But no worries, eye concealers are there to save the day. Remember those products that you put in your eyebags in an inverted triangular shape? Yep, that’s what I’m talking about. I plan to buy one this April. I’m still torn between buying one from Garnier or Benefit.

I believe you guys know by now my adoration for Benefit. Haha! One of my inspirations from YouTube really influenced me to love it. She’s a Beauty guru/Blogger/Vlogger. Everyone, meet Aspyn Ovard! 💕

She’s amazing. Go follow her journey in YouTube, guys. You’ll surely love her.
9. Cheek Tint


I’m so into cheek tints. Actually, lip and cheek tints. To the point that I go beyond overboard in putting these in my cheeks. Good thing my boyfriend is there to check on me, reminding me to blend everything. Hahaha! It’s just that I go crazy over these babies. I’m not proud but currently I own own from Everbilena. I just gotta have one right away before going to work so I bought it from 7eleven. Ugh, again, not proud. Hahaha!

10. Eyeshadow Palette


I think your makeup won’t be official without a good eyeshadow. Choosing the right colors and combination is really important in finishing your look. You should always consider the things that you’re wearing, your accessories, your bag, everything! Your look must look cohesive. Don’t go crazy with all the colors, also especially if you’re aiming for smokey eye because you might end up looking like you’ve been punched by somebody. You should also take into consideration the time of the event or whatnot because you don’t wanna wear smokey eye in a super bright morning. It’s pretty important to take note of these things for us to achieve an uber amazing look.

Don’t forget to play with the colors, experiment with the products and most importantly, have fun! Don’t stress yourself if you think all these products tend to be a bit overwhelming. Just enjoy what these babies have to offer. And remember, confidence and a pretty smile are always the keys to be beautiful. Don’t completely depend on the products just to feel pretty, keep in mind ze Queen Beyonce’s advice; it’s always the soul that needs a surgery.

Catherine 💋

2 thoughts on “MAKEUP MUST-HAVES

  1. You are so gorgeous ❤ and this post is so accurate! I can not live with out foundation and mascara! Oh and can't forget my beauty blender! Seriously a LIFE SAVER! Thanks for the wonderful post love 🙂 xx

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