What is up, ladies and gents!

Today, I’ll share with you my Bucketlist before I die! Haha! Seriously, I don’t want to die not having all of these achieved. πŸ˜‚ Well, I use Wunderlist app to keep track of my list. But since I love blogging and this new baby/gem of mine, I’ll go ahead and publish that here, so all of us can keep track of my achievements! πŸ™Œ

By the way, its numbering doesn’t mean its priority. So, list away! 😁

Without further ado, here you go; Jones Catherine’s Bucketlist! ✨

  1. Graduate with honors in college. ✨ Cum Laude, March 2015
  2. Justin Bieber Concert – February 2017
  3. Jason Derulo Concert – May 2016
  4. 7 Kids πŸ‘«πŸ‘¬πŸ‘­πŸ’ƒ
  5. Empire of Businesses
  6. Business//Boarding House
  7. Business//Computer Shop
  8. Business//Resort
  9. Business//Farm
  10. Buy Boy Dit his gaming PC
  11. Buy Mab’s fave shoes
  12. Canada, babyy! βœˆοΈπŸ’•
  13. Boracay with my love
  14. Go to Hagdan hagdan palayan 😭✨
  15. Own a Non-stick pan! Diatitan Coating!
  16. Buy my own Benefit product
  17. Meet Aspyn Ovard! πŸ’‹
  18. Meet LaurDIY
  19. Meet Meghan Rienks
  20. Carpool Karaoke with my love in our own car
  21. Buy Ford Explorer
  22. Our own car
  23. Celebrate my birthday by gift-giving, donations, feeding programs, etc to the homeless, out of school kids
  24. Climb on a high cliff or mountain
  25. Treat my family at EK. December 26, 2015
  26. Skydiving!
  27. Meet Selena Gomez πŸ˜­πŸ’–
  28. Meet Chris Brown
  29. Meet T-Pain
  30. Party hard and go home drunk and wasted 🍻
  31. Be a Millionaire/Billionaire
  32. Watch a firework display/competition
  33. Watch lanterns fly
  34. Eat at a 5-star resto
  35. Buy myself an expensive gift
  36. Star gaze with the love of my life. February 2010
  37. Ombre Hair
  38. Buy our own GoPro
  39. Polaroid Camera
  40. My own walk-in closet
  41. Go to Ocean Park with my love
  42. Go to Disneyland 😭✨
  43. Earn from Blogging/Vlogging
  44. My own clothing line
  45. Dream House essentials// storage room full of goods
  46. Dream House essentials// Contemporary/Modern Zen House
  47. Be Kathryn Bernardo’s friend. Haha! 😁
  48. Eyelash extensions
  49. Out of town/country treat for my family
  50. Give Lola and Lolo Pedro cash and fruits
  51. Have our own Foundation that helps the homeless, out of school youth, aetas, etc
  52. Help an organization in giving relief goods
  53. Help kuya have his own business
  54. Help San Jose Parish Church
  55. Honeymoon at Paris/Maldives
  56. Macbook Pro/Air
  57. Marry at 26
  58. Marry Mab Barugo πŸ’–
  59. Marry on December 26, 2020
  60. Get married when we already have our own house
  61. Pay BU OSS Php 8K
  62. Pay Dad Php 30K
  63. Pay Tito Gimo
  64. Shift to iPhone 6/6s with Mab
  65. Wedding essentials//Achieve my vintage wedding invitation
  66. Wedding essentials//Achieve our give-away *options*
  67. Wedding essentials// Buy wedding gown at Kleinfeld
  68. Wedding essentials// Get Jason Magbanua to cover my wedding video
  69. Wedding essentials// Misibis Church
  70. Wedding essentials// Reception at The Bay
  71. Wedding essentials// Fireworks
  72. Wedding essentials// Pastel Pink Balloons
  73. Wedding essentials// Lanterns
  74. Wedding essentials// Pre-Wedding Activity
  75. When I get hired, give back to Dad by buying him biking essentials, cash and car
  76. When I get hired, give back to Lola by giving her cash and dresses and fruits
  77. When I get hired, give back to Mom by buying her jewelries and giving cash
  78. When I get hired, give back to Ta Angie by buying cooking essentials and full body massage and makeover
  79. When I get hired, give back to Ta Den by buying her branded bags, etc
  80. When I get hired, give back to Ta Embing by buying her mouth essentials, or cash
  81. When I get hired, give back to Tito Gimo by buying computers and computer shop essentias. December 2015

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