Here we go again.

For the nth time around, I gave birth to another blog.

Yasss, I started blogging since high school years. I had a blog established on 2008 which was all about my childish joys and experiences. I currently also manage another one which is focused on the things that I love – fashion, trends, interior and exterior designs, DIY, makeup, food, music, photography and all the glitz and glam. I also had another one that’s focused on my lovelife. Yaz. I’m such a hopeless romantic so what can you expect. (:  But I never had one that’s focused on me on my sentiments, ideas, feelings and all the things that happen in my crazy yet awesome world. This is really a big of a deal for me. Actually, blogging is really a huge deal for me, that’s why I really treasure all my blogs that I’ve made even if it’s cheesy and that my old blogs really suck (ugh, 2008 jejemon feels). 😭

I’m so happy and super looking forward to write my achievements, experiences and even problems here in this baby.

Cannot wait to share with the world my perspective and my journey. Desire and inspire, young world.

Dare to see a different angle on the heels of Miss Below 5 Feet.

See you when I see you.


Jones Catherine 💋


For those curious peeps out there, here are the links to those blogs that I’ve mentioned. Feel free to laugh, critic and enjoy with the cheesy posts. Ikr, du feelz. 😭😁💋






By the way, I’ve been using Tumblr for quite some time already in blogging so this is the first time that I’m using WordPress so cheers! 🙌😁💖


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